Beatboxing kpop Has Never Been this Awesome!![mp3DLs]

Maybe you have heard of this guy already…I saw him round wp sites and shamefully didn’t check him out till now…
He’s covered Girls’ Genereation’s Gee, Super Junior’s It’s you, 2pm’s Again & Again, DBSK’s Mirotic and BoA’s Eat You Up. All of which are really awesome! Honestly, I checked them out one by one and no cover gets boring…
Alright, before i fill this whole post with flattery to this guy just hear him out ^____^

These two are one of the recently released as I think many have already heard Gee and It;s you..
I love love the cover on Again&Again!!
and Sorry Sorry cover is the best for me!

2PM- Again & Again Beatbox

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry Beatbox

Other covers:
Girls’ Generation – Gee
Super Junior – It’s You
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
BoA – Eat You Up
2NE1 – Fire
DBSK – Mirotic

and a hundred plus more…just visit his channel here: TheBeatboxHitman2@YT

mp3 downloads:
2pm – Again Again beatbox
DBSK – Mirotic beatbox
SNSD – Gee beatbox
Super Junior – It’s You beatbox
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry beatbox

mp3DL links will be added in an hour

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