Mate Is Getting the Attention


New indie rock band, Mate, who only debuted last month, have exploded in popularity in both the pop and rock worlds.

Mate experienced a great reaction from their album “Be Mate” and especially their song “Longing”. It was found out that Mate became the number one search topic on various sites and stayed number one on some music portals for days. Famous radio stations such as “Yoo Hee Yul’s Radio Heaven”, “Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp” and “Sweet Solo’s 10 10 Club” have featured Mate as live performing guests.

The performance on KBS2 TV’s “Yoo Hee Yul’s Sketch Book” especially caught the eyes and ears of the viewers and immediately after the show a great increase in download sales was shown.

mate – 하늘을 날아 (Fly to the Sky)


Showing off their new found popularity, it was also found on a weekly aggregate chart that you would have to combine Lee Seung Chul’s and V.O.S’s new album sales to amount to the sales of Mate’s album.

Mate is scheduled to have a string of concerts in July, all of which had sold out in only 4 hours upon releasing tickets.

SOURCE: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp


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