TVXQ’s New Japanese Singles: Stand By U, Tea For Two, Sky [Lyrics+mp3DLs]

Tracks for DBSK‘s “Stand By U” single have been unveiled, with the songs themselves making rounds on the internet.

“Sky” is the same song the ToHo released as a single in 2006 and as the second track on their second Japanese album (and is a really cute song ^^). Stand By U and Tea For Two are new songs and they really made me fall in love <3333

DL links after cut ^__^

Stand by U (Cover)

YesAsia (Jacket A) Single+DVD;
YesAsia (Jacket B)

01 Stand By U
Download ~ Lyrics
02 Tea For Two
03 Sky
Download ~ Lyrics


TVXQ recorded their new single in Japan released on July 1st, the 28th single, “Stand by U”.

Hero Jaejoong explained the title of the new single — “Stand By U”, “Someone left without saying good bye, but then realized how his feeling has been leaving unchanged,” he said firmly. “Nonetheless, instead of trying to be back again, he just continues to stand waiting with a faith that he will meet his true love once again.”

In addition to the single “Stand by U”, is a song that will be used for ending theme of NIHON TV’s Best Information Programme “Miyaneya” — “Tea for Two”. While their old single “Sky” is going to be the third track. TVXQ has finished filming music video for “Stand by U”.

source: Union News (
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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