BOP: Boys Vs. Girls (TVXQ won!); New Battle Edition!


– Round 1 ended May 10th
Round 2 ended May 17th
– Round 3 ended May 20th
– Round 4 ended May 22nd

FINAL ROUND ended MAY 26th!

The Battle came down to TVXQ vs SUPER JUNOR and this time

TVXQ reigned supreme!



In celebration of their Battle of the Pop: Asia Edition victory,

SUPER JUNIOR would like to thank their fans personally for the amazing support!

Watch their special Video[Scope] episode and see their [V] interview on JUNE 6th.

Our reigning champions for Battle of the Pop: Boys vs Girls is none other than

TVXQ! Catch them on Video[Scope] on JUNE 20th

and keep checking back for updates on the episode!

Video[Scope] is a one-hour program that opens the video vaults and chronicles the careers of some of the biggest names in Pop. Follow your favourite act as we take a look back at their musical journey, from their first music video to their most recent hits.

June 6th
Super Junior

June 20th

There’s another edition…
I won’t be elaborating on it because it gets tiring and boring…
Check it out: Battle of the Moves


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