A Micky Yoochun Birthday Special (Part 1)

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On June 4, 2009

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Micky: Junsu wifey gave me this so I have something to do *happy*

PD-nim: Yoochun-ah! Come here! We have something for you ^^

Micky: huh? what’s that PD-nim? *innocent*


micky yoochun

About Yoochun

Yoochun was the last member to join. He is the third oldest member of the group. He was born in South Korea, but live in America for several years. He use to live in Fairfax, Virginia. He won a contest with Brothers Entertainment, which first prize guaranteed him a contract with SM Entertainment. He trained at SM Academy for a year prior to his debut. His stage name (Micky) was derived from his US name. Coincidentally Micky means “hidden weapon” in Korea. This name goes along with is pursuit to be considered the “hidden weapon” in the music industry.

Stage Name: Micky Yoochun
Real Name: Park Yoochun (믹키유천 or 秘奇有天/ 秘奇有仟)
Birthday: June 4, 1986
Birthplace: Seoul
Religion: Christian
Position: Bass-baritone
Blood Type: O

Random Facts:
-Most sensitive member of the group
-Has a matching tattoo (TVXQmate) with Jae Joong
-Wants a daughter
-Sleeps with a walkman
-Likes straight haired women
-Wants his ideal girl to love him for whom he is.
-Extremely close to his younger brother, Yoo Hwan
-First kiss in middle school


From: Pinky Magazine (jan 24, ’09)

Yoochun’s hot because…

Yunho: “When he composes and writes and plays the piano, he is very grand. That’s when you can see the true Yoochun because he does those things with all his heart.”

Jaejoong: “He does music with all his heart and that’s really grand. And you always get the feel that he lives as he is. It’s really great that he doesn’t bother anyone although  he’s very “my way” about things.

Junsu: “He has that leadership where he knows what atmosphere to create and how to tidy everyone up. It’s amazing that he gets everything he puts his mind to done. He is action over words.

Changmin: “He is a thoughtful person. He has a big heart. He has a sense of manliness that is different from Yunho’s sense of manliness.”

Yoochun, Give this up Please!!

Yunho: “Tempting me to eat midnight snacks. You know how there’s a saying that goes, “Boys are dutiful”? Yoochun’s very good at speaking. He’d say, “If you tempted me, I’d eat with you. How about you?”…And then I’d get weak-hearted and say, “Okay, only for today!”

Jaejoong: “He always sleeps with the air-con on. I think he likes being cold, but the room is never warm, not even in winter times! Yoochun always says, “Hot, hot.”! But we’re cold.”

Junsu: “With him, the atmosphere vhanges easily. When his tensions low everyone pays attention to him. (Laughs) When he’s dark and moody, we’re all dark and moody. He has that great aura. The Yoochun right now? His tension level is very high!

Changmin: “He always tempts me to eat midnight snacks with him. I get fatter as well. In the middly of the night, he’d say, “Let’s go to the Ramen restaurant!”and he always buys instant food like ramen, yakisoba and thos yummy instant food (angry). What is, “I get lonely eating by myself?!”

The things we couldn’t say to Yoochun that we can say now.
Yunho: “Yoochun recharged his cellphone and went out. But I took Yoochun’s cellphone out and replaced it with mine for about thirty minutes. It was perfect crime that nobody knew about.”

Jaejoong: “The presents that came forwarded to Yoochun, I ate it all. I didn’t do it just once. It was a multiple times. Stuff like food, drinks….I think I wasn’t caught…Sorry!!”




  1. #1 by Sarah on June 10, 2009 - 1:29 am

    Yoochun’s hot bec…he’s born to be ^^

    chunnie likes eating and tempting LOL tsk tsk naughty naughty!!

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