2PM Does Bi/Rain Tribute @Mnet M!Countdown;Smokin’ Hot!!


With 2PM already triple crown winners of Mnet M! Countdown thanks to their hit “Again & Again”, JYP’s heptagon was not eligible to win this week – but damn, did they put on a show. Doing a Rain tribute for the M Countdown: Heroes segment, 2PM pulled off an impressive dance rendition of two of Rain’s signature songs: “Bad Guy” and “Rainism”. The group donned guyliner and showed massive man-cleavage for the performance, which thrilled Hottests even though Nichkhun was absent due to his participation in a concert in his native Thailand.





Ooo…so hot!!


It was nice to see Hwang Chansung get the spotlight during “Rainism” and perform well; as the youngest member of 2PM, he usually gets the least amount of stage attention. Plus, he’s one of the only people in K-Pop who shares my last name, so keep on reppin’ the family name, maknae!

2PM also performed their remix of “Again & Again”, though the novelty of Jaebeom’s assumption of Nichkhun’s role doesn’t really make up for the atrocious camera angles.

videos cr: yanaftwtwo@YT
Cr: samlet@akp
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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