G-Dragon Poses with Couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk

Looks like Bong attended a friend’s wedding, look at his hair, isn’t it a ‘NO NO’ thing for the guest to look better than the groom? haha Bong might have broken that law.


Photos of Big Bang member GDragon posing with couple Kim Min Hee and Lee Soo Hyuk were revealed online recently. As many has known, model Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the close friends to GDragon.



Other photos of GDragon with good friends Lee Soo Hyuk, Yang Seung Ho, Lee Jung Hyun and others


Netizens say:

  • “Korea’s best fashionistas come together!”
  • “That’s a sushi sitting on the left”
    • “I saw the bad comments and there was the comment on ’sushi’, I kept looking at it and it took me a while to understand”
    • “LOL sushi..”
    • Yang Seung Ho is <3″
    • “Sushi… DaeBak! (Big hit)” “
  • GDragon shines amongst the crowd of them”
  • “This is really like the gathering of people with individuality, I especially respects Lee Soo Hyuk
  • “I’ll see what happens to these guys when they enter for military service”


GD so handsome ^^



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