SHINee Not Only Comes Back But Also Becomes #1 at MuBank!!


I know this is late but to all SHINee World, our five Romeos have returned victorious ^^! SHINee finally made their comeback on June 5 and in some style with a debut victory on KBS Music Bank for their new single “Juliette”! Also debuting were leader Onew‘s new teeth and Key‘s slightly frightening bleach blond hair.

090605 SHINee ‘Juliette’ (KBS Music Bank)


090605 SHINee No.1


090605 SHINee Waitting room

YoDubu1; prot0980@YT


With over four months lying between SHINee’s goodbye stage for “A.Mi.Go” and this comeback, SHINee fans have been exploding in anticipation for today’s performance. Although there were the usual camera and lighting quirks that come with a choreography’s debut, it was exciting to see 2008’s top rookies begin their 2009 escapades. SHINee’s comeback victory continues SM‘s 2009 dominance of Music Bank, with SNSD winning nine times for “Gee” and Super Junior winning four weeks in a row for “Sorry Sorry” and “It’s You”. Needless to say, Onew’s injury and resulting delay gave the “Juliette” hype plenty of time to accelerate into first place. Now that’s how you lead and take one for the team, Onew! SM Entertainment’s dominance continues.

Cr: samlet@allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

aww…them crying T____T SHINee fighting!!<333


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