SS501 To Have First Asia Concert Tour!!

Just like Super Junior of SM Entertainment, SS501 from DSP Entertainment will also be embarking on their 1st concert tour in Asia called Persona. After the release of their 2nd full-length album at the end of July, the boys will begin the first leg of their concert tour in Seoul on 1st August. From there, they will be flying to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand, etc for their concert tour until the end of the year.

The rough schedule of their concert tour:



The start of a magnificent performance and vibrant SS501’s first Asia Tour, performance in Seoul details has been confirmed as follows.


Date/Time :
1st performance – 2009.08.01 (Sat) 7pm
2nd performance – 2009.08.02 (Sun) 7pm

Venue : The 1st Gymnasium at Olympic Park (Gymnastics Stadium)

Ticket :
Standing – 99,000won (includes VAT)
Seated R – 99,000won
Seated S – 77,000won
Seated A – 55,000won
Discount for Triple S 2nd members : 5% (up to 4 tickets per person)



Advance purchase opens : 2009.06.11 (Thu) 7pm

Advance purchase :
1. Auction ticket – ~ translated (google translate)
2. Yes24ticket – ~ Translated (google translate)

Enquiries : Auction ticket 1566-1369 / Yes24ticket 1544-6399

(SS501, THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL can only be advance purchased from these ticketing agents.)

SS501 Messages – 1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul – Concert PV

Even from this month alone, SS501 will be flying out to many of the above-mentioned countries for promotions. From 8th June onwards, SS501 are scheduled to make appearances in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc to promote their concert tour and give the fans a sneak peek at them in person first. Although SS501 have been pretty active in Japan all this while, this will be their first concert tour in Asia. It’s believed that discussions are underway for additional dates for their concert tour early next year. Possible destinations in 2010 include America and Australia.

From 18th June, solo songs by the SS501 members (included in their new album) will be released simultaneously to fans ahead of their 2nd album release. Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong’s solos will be out first, followed by the other 3 members. The members have also recorded a special music video for this.

A DSP Entertainment representative expressed, “More and more people are getting to know about SS501 in Korea and Asia. Kim Hyun Joong’s popularity levels have also risen thanks to his Boys Before Flowers role. We are confident that this Asia Tour will help in increasing the popularity levels and status of SS501 even further.”

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @;allkpop
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  1. #1 by Joyce Choong on June 7, 2009 - 2:56 pm

    Awesome! A concert worth going to. However, the websites are all in the Korean language. Could not detect payment mode through Visa or Mastercard but ATM ? Anyone know how a non Korean can purchase the concert tickets via online? Please assist. I am dying to go to their concert. Oh, by the way, Happy 4th Anniversary, SS 501 !!! Keep the Music going, stay Happy and Healthy ! Hyun Joong Ssi – stay Strong! Thank you

  2. #2 by nguyen thi vy anh on August 1, 2009 - 2:37 pm

    iss501 tuor 1st asia persona thank you good
    hot boy bye

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