Wonder Girls Come Back to Korea ^^

The Wonder Girls who have been based in New York, America all this while, had made a return to Korea recently. It must has been a hectic homecoming for them, filming a CF, reunion with their families and friends, etc.

They also forked out some time this afternoon, 6th June to meet their fans at a special party for some lucky gamers of Freestyle Street Basketball online game for which they are the models.

For the Korean Wonderfuls, it has been a while after last seeing them at the March concerts. And this was a day that must be treasured, for this could be their last public appearance in Korea for a long while when they return to the States for their American debut. The Wonder Girls will go to Beijing, China next week to record a CCTV music program before flying back to New York where they will start preparations for their opening act performances for the Jonas Brothers concert tour.

Sun Mi and her 4-D behavior.



Sun Ye




Only one pic of Yoo Bin T__T

Ye Eun, Sun Mi, Sun Ye

WG with fans (?)

That was not the end of their day. While Sun Ye went away to catch the Pussycat Dolls concert, the other 4 members, in the same outfits, headed over to Mapo Art Center to appear as special guests for 2AM‘s first-ever fan meeating. 2PM were the other guests.

Check out later for that ^^

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  1. #1 by wonder_boy on August 20, 2009 - 4:38 pm

    im wonder girl’s BIGGEST FAN IN DAH WORLD!!!

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