Lee Min Ho to Hold First Fan-Meeting

Lee Min-ho went for his leg surgery on 5 June, 2009.

The minor procedure on his leg to remove steel rods placed there after a car accident in 2006 went smoothly. Min-ho will not remain at the hospital for long because it is a simple procedure and will leave the hospital soon, says officials. Yet the exact date of discharge has not been announced.

The surgery was scheduled at 5am on 05 June and some of his Boys Over Flowers cast and his friends were there for support. The procedure was originally scheduled for May but Lee Min-ho’s busy schedule did not allow for this, hence the postponement.

In any case the actor is doing fine and will be meeting his fans at his birthday celebration cum fan meeting on 21June at Dom Art Hall, Children’s Grand Park in Seoul. This will be Min-ho’s first official fan meeting!

Source: kpopped
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

Oh how many fans of yours wish they lived in Seoul or at least near it to be able to go!! D:

  1. #1 by Angzzz on June 8, 2009 - 5:04 am

    Lee Min-Ho you’re a real heartthrob. You’re the man. I really like you, you’re so cute, your eyes yours knows, and most probably your smile. I really like it. I’m a fan of yours. You should make the ending with a scene that there are weddings and after a year past a family was made of yours. We want to see how your family accepted Geum Jan Di’s family and how life is goes on. That’s all. There were times in the movie I laughed, times I cried, but I loved every second of it. Thank you and more power to Boys over Flowers. By Angzzz

  2. #2 by ryney lu on June 8, 2009 - 2:06 pm

    anyong! lee min ho, get well soon dear oh, how i wish 2 be by ur side at a moment right now so that i can take care of you until u get very well and also how i wish i was residing there in korea so i can go to your up coming fans day so that i can see u in person,,i hope u will read my message, sarange GOD BLESS!

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