The Warshawskis Invited Bi/Rain To Hollywood Once Again

Top star Rain has been received a love call to appear in a new hollywood movie from the Warshawskis , the director and producer, once again.

In addition, he has also received the invitation to appear in 3 new hollywood movies from the world famous film distributor.

This third invitation has been sent by the Warshawskis while his first leading movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ opening on November has been well received and selected as an expected movie by powerful media, which has captured the attention more.

Rain debuted in the hollywood through ‘Speed Racer’ produced by the Warshawskis in 2008, and first starred in ‘Ninja Assassin’ produced and scripted by them. The Warshawskis are notable for their film production ‘The Matrix’ series.

The American movie site Collider posted its review of ‘Ninjas Assassin’ on the internet last March. “Compared to the supporting role in ‘Speed Racer’, Rain has made a lot of progress in this movie.” “The public will surely like this movie. It is like ‘Kill Bill’ with better CG.”

Even in the American movie database IMDB, evaluations say that “after the movie, over half of the people shouted out ‘it was the best’ .”

After giving his careful consideration on all matters, Rain plans to decide on his next movie.

credit: Sports DongAh
Brief translation by rain bird.@rain-eu

Shared by: parkminnie@wp


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