8Eight Is Master In Suspense As They Release 2nd Teaser of “Goodbye My Love”

What else can say? I was really caught so badly too…I wanna watch it!!!Really do!!right now!!!
8Eight is master in suspense…I am so agitated to see the mv T___T

See the first teaser HERE in which I thought the mv is just gonna be a cutie cute one (because Jinwoon was acting really cute), but then…the 2nd teaser came out….gah!!i wanna see the whole so badly!!!


If I heard correctly, right before he gets hit by the truck, he says, “The truth is, I liked Sohee noona lot.” Then, BOOM! The truck comes and hits him, and he’s on the floor saying “I love you” with his painfully adorable smile. Between these two scenes you can see a guy and a girl doing something I can’t figure out. Did he just say SOHEE NOONA? Sohee from Wonder Girls? Is that girl in the transition Sohee? Does this have to do with the “Without A Heart MV?” Who, what, when, where, WHY? WHAT’S GOING ON??? So many questions, yet so little hints. 8eight is really good at this whole suspense thing. I’ll be on the tip of my toe until June 11th when the music video is released.


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