2NE1 are the big winners of the 34th and 35th Digital Music Awards [12pics]


The 34th and 35th CyWorld Digital Music Awards (DMA) took place on 10th June in Seoul.

And newcomer 2NE1 is one of the big winners of the night.

For the 34th DMA (April 2009)

  • Song of the Month – CM song ‘Lollipop’ sung by Big Bang and 2NE1
  • Rookie of the Month – After School
  • Artiste award – Epik High with ‘Map the Soul’

35th DMA (May 2009)

  • Song of the month – 2NE1 with ‘Fire’
  • Rookie of the month – 2NE1
  • Artiste Award – Park Ji Yoon with the song ‘In my fading memories’

It was a pity that Big Bang cannot be present at the awards ceremony as they are currently promoting in Japan. They had given thanks for the awards through an interview video at the awards ceremony.

2NE1[Fire] Cyworld Digital Music Awards 090610


090610 Cy world digital music Awards comment-BIGBANG


more pics:

2NE1 2NE1 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 2NE1 Photobucket 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1 2NE1

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