Epik High Working On A Remix Album and A Full-Length Album


Epik High will release a remix album. They released the information about their new remix album on their official webpage on 8th June.

Tablo said,

It was a project we started for fun… a remix album of Epik High’s hit songs. Yeah, we could’ve done it ourselves, but that would be boring~ SO! We handed over a collection of our songs to the electronic band PLANET SHIVER.

The result? MESMERIZING.

I always knew that Planet Shiver’s three DJs (Friz, DH Style & Philtre) were talented, but DAMN! These aren’t just remixes; they’re total recreations. It sounds like an entirely new album, filled with brand new songs. I can’t believe our songs can sound like this! I’M FREAKIN’ OUT!

Originally, this album was intended to be a digital-only release. But I’m lovin’ it so much, we’ve decided to go with a full release~

Meanwhile, Tablo also posted up photos of them at work on their album. And also attached the phrase, “Working on Epik High’s official album, around August~September?”

Source: sookyeong.wordpress.com
Shared by: parkminnie@wp



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