Terminator to Make Cameo In Doraemon Anime

doraemonHollywood’s “invulnerable” Terminator robot character will be making a cameo in a one-hour special of the Doraemon television anime series on June 26. The anime’s title character is a time-traveling robot cat from the future, and the “dream matchup” is being described in the Japanese press as a confrontation between America and Japan’s robots.

“Doraemon 1-Jikan ‘O-26 (furo) Special’ ~Nobita o Aishita Bishōjo~” (Doraemon One-Hour O-26 (Bath) Special: The Beautiful Girl Who Loved Nobita) begins when a cute assistant robot named Rury suddenly appears before Doraemon’s hapless owner, Nobita. Rury was sent to terminate Nobita by Boss Walther, an evil future organization bent on world conquest. A humanoid T-800 robot named “Terrinanor” appears in the story’s climax as the ultimate weapon.


Who doesn’t love Doraemon??LOL I wanna watch it!!


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