School Is Not Cool for One Reason…

School days are coming and so…I am doomed… is doomed…the world is DOOMED!!!
alright, that’s so much exageration right there LMAO.

June 15, 2009 is my first day of class of my first year in college…
Hello to all students of U.P. Manila!! Hello schoolmates!!!^____^

So here’s the perk…

I live far away from my college…it takes approximately 2 hours to get there from our home.
I will stay in a dormitory where there is WiFi access…GREAT!!yay!let’s celebrate!!Internet!!


yet, I don’t have a laptop to start with


so i think it is quite impossible to update this site for the whole week..
I will just be going back home by next week T______T so not cool…

Please take care of this site and visit if you can ^^

MinnieChun of
Thank you for all the love <333

Stay at School 🙂
It may be uncool for one reason but it is cool for more reasons than you can imagine ;P

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