SNSD Comes Back Winning On Music Bank


SNSD / Girls’ Generation is back with their song “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” after giving a A+ performance on Music Bank (June 26, 2009).

Dressed in the uniforms seen from their MV, the girls put on one hot performance. Their dancing seems to be insync minus a few parts but overall very good, the same can be said for their their vocals. However, the girls haven’t given us much more in terms of choreography than the MV did. But it doesn’t matter because I’m sure after this performance the girls have got what it takes to do even better then they did earlier in the year with “Gee“. Listen to the crowd, they are already in love with the new song – definitely a good sign and a good start to their comeback.

As a bonus tonight the girls also won the award for the best-selling song in the first half of the year with their hit “Gee“.

Girls Generation(SNSD) – Tell Me Your Wish(Jun 26, 2009)

The Winner is SNSD(K-Chart Accounts for the first half year 2009)


*i just copied everything…
Credits: LOLcakes@allkpop


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