2NE1’s Minji: I’m Okay With the Concept of Being the Female Daesung


Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ which shows the girls and what they do in 24 hours, starting to air from 2nd July, features member MinJi talking about her feelings being said to look alike to Big Bang member DaeSung and to be called the female DaeSung.

In the show, they featured the girls meeting up with the Big Bang members at the end of their music show recording and at the MV filming site for the boys.

After seeing MinJi, DaeSung said, “Recently, I’m sorry to say but we still can’t really see eye to eye. It is still quite awkward for the 2 of us.” Yang Hyun Seok also added, “Our MinJi is the female DaeSung.” causing a wave of laugther in the fiming site.

MinJi responded, “People said we look alike”. And DaeSung said, “MinJi ah, why do you always look like me. You look more outstanding (look better) than me. This must have been quite hurtful for you.” [–>Aww…daesung-ah why are you saying that?? 😦 minji’s right, YOU ARE charming ^^] MinJi, “No, we are charming.”

SOURCE: sookyeong.wordpress.com
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

To Daesung, if ever you accidently pass by here and read this…(in my dreams LOL)

Daesung-ah…please know that VIPs love you!! You are the most charming and funny and cutest thing in the Big Bang and YG world ^^

It hurts me because by the feel of your words, you don’t think that you’re good enough…we don’t need super handsome guys…you’re talented and really charming 🙂

Minji should be proud to be the female you ^^

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  1. #1 by mizuro on July 7, 2009 - 9:27 pm

    omg!! opppaa!! yur NOOOOTT ugly!! arrghh if i culd id slap yu everytime yu said that so yu’d learn NOT to say it!! >_<

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