Super Junior’s KRY Sings “Hero” the Partner OST [Lyrics+mp3DL]

The idol boy band Super Junior wrapped up a third round of album activities this past weekend and has begun to prepare for their next album. However, we can still hear their voice in the new KBS2 drama “The Partner.”

Super Junior KRY – Partner OST Full Song



“Sorry Sorry,” the title song of their third album, as well as “It’s You” have been big hits. Super Junior has now sung “Hero,” the theme song of “The Partner.” The rhythmic song with lyrics of hope sung by SJ members Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun is expected to be a hit melody.

Rock band Rumble Fish, which is set to release their fourth regular album in July, also took part in the drama’s OST. Their song “Love To Me” is a bright number about a dreamy love to come one day.

Super Junior and Rumble Fish are known to have enjoyed the recording, the songs being bright and jovial. The music director of “The Partner,” Lee Pil-ho, said, “It is a court drama but not a heavy, dark story so I tried to write songs that way and cast young, fresh singers as well.” After the recording, SJ members said, “The song is great and we have a good feeling about the drama cast and story also. It may be a blast. We’ll also watch the drama,” as they conveyed their confidence and affection about the drama to the producers.

The new Wednesday-Thursday series on KBS2 is a court drama with no guns and swords but featuring a battle of words by the lawyers. The series, combining the genres of romance, thriller and mystery with stories to amuse and touch viewers’ hearts, aired its first episode on June 24.


naega odil hyanghae gago itneunji
mu eol wihaeseo saneungonji
gireul ireunjae na honja babo choreom
heamae eoon jinan nal

ganghancheok gwaenchaneun cheok eutgo isseodo
gasemeun enjaena tongbin samak
saesang do saram do midji anhaseotji
gipeun sangcho ddaemunae

naneun naesalmi hero
dasi hanbeon ireosolkkoya
bosok choreom bitnaneun kkum deuri
nareul bulleo

naneun kkumkku neun hero
jo kkeutkaji daryeokalkkoya
ijaen duryeobji anha nae kyeotae irohgae
niga isseunikka

jinsinie gamyeneul sseun gojitsokaeso
amudo moreuneun naei sangcho
kerohgae maeumeul dadeunchae sarraseo
motnan gobjaengi choreom

naneun naesalmie hero
dasi hanbeon ireosolkkayo
bosok choreom bitnaneun kkumdeuri
nareul bulleo

naneun kkumkkuneun hero
jo kkeutkkaji daryeogalkkeoya
ijaen duryeobji anha nae gyeotae irohgae
niga isseunikka

no ie dda seuhan maeumae naie modeun seulpeum nokdeusi
naega no ie apeum amulkae haejulkkae

naneun naeil-ie hero
dasi hanbeon himeul naelkkoya
haessal choreom nunbusin heemangi
nareul bicheo

naneun kkumkkuneun hero
homhan saesang igyeo naelkkoya
kerae hal su itneun gol onjaena irohgae
nowa hamkke ramyeon

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The idol boy band Super Junior wrapped up a third round of album activities this past weekend and has begun to prepare for their next album. However, we can still hear their voice in the new KBS2 drama “The Partner.”

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  3. #3 by MinnieChun on July 22, 2009 - 9:45 am

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    Love this song so much^^
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