Kim Heechul Birthday Scpecial [part3] 100 Questions

100 Questions For Kim Heechul

1. Name: Heechul ýñ (3 years ago it used to be Cinderella¤»)

2. Birthdate: July 10

3. Alma mater (graduating school): Neulparan (Always Blue) High School

7. Strong point: I don’t bother folks by telling them to do this or that

8. Weak point: I have too much pride..

9. Hobbies: Sparring with Heebummie (heck, it’s one-sided but still..)

10. Specialty: Verbal comebacks

11. Religion: Against even Shiwon’s preachings, I have no interest

12. Height: 178Cm (I grew a tad after I got out of the hospital. Euichul, give me just 2Cm..)

16. Favorite music: Sad songs..(I dance even to sad songs)

17. Favorite musician: I don’t know. I don’t know who I like.. who I dislike..

18. Favorite season: Season or whatever as long as it’s not hot or cold

19. Favorite food: Kimchi bbokeumbbop (Kimchi fried rice) (Back then I found saying bbokeumbbop rather than bogeumbop cute..)

20. Favorite actor/actress: Sohn Yeh Jin.. alas no change

21. Things that you want to own: Cash, apartment, stocks (I guess I’ve gotten older..)

22. My ideal type: Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite ridiculous.. The person you truly like is your ideal type.. I didn’t realize that..

23. My current dilemma: I have too many more important tasks at hand than being in love..

24. When was your first love: I didn’t have one 3 years ago.. I’ve gotten older.. dammit..(-¦®)

25. Definition concerning love: Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart

26. Alcohol tolerance level: Even if I want to get drunk because I’m having a hard time, I can’t seem to

27.Alcohol induced habit: Damned cigarettes.. after I quit, I don’t seem to have any habits

28. How many most valuable friends: The important thing isn’t ‘how many,’ but rather ‘how deep’

29. Treasure #1: As expected, me.. no matter how much I like someone, in the end it’s still me..

30. When I see myself as handsome: Let’s do something about the dark circles first..

31. When I see myself as sexy: As I said, let’s do something about the dark circles..(-¦®)

32. Current hair style: Roughly short hair.. I need to get it cut shorter..

33. Current clothing attire: Underwear that has drawings of cats all over it(+__)a

34. My current posture: Heebummie is on my lap(This little bastard-_¤Ñ++)

35. Things in your pocket: Do underwear have pockets these days;;

36. When did you first try drinking alcohol: When I was in junior high school.. ah ah;; with my family^-^

37. Thing you want to do most right now: I want to write.. something..

38. Favorite color: Blood(úì) color..

39. Present you want to receive from your significant other: Love?¤» Heechulie has grown up.. tsk..

40. Favorite brand: The only thing of luxury in the house is Heebummie.. duenjangmyo(ÙÞ) (materialistic cat)

41. When do you want to get married: I have no thoughts of wanting to get married, but..¤» pretty.. soon?¤»¤»

42.What do you do when home alone?: Computer games. I bought a joystick not too long ago~¤»

43. Time it usually takes to fall asleep: About the time it takes for four songs to play in my headphone..

44. Clothing style: Charming storm style

45. Habit: The frequency with which I get absentmindedly lost in thought has decreased

46. Highest ranking while attending school: 5th¤» When I was younger, I was even 1st

47. Difference between women and men: The difference between a false angel and genuine devil

48. If you are born again: A flower blooming on a high cliff. So that no one can touch it..

49. What would I have been in a previous life?: A thornbush.. because if you touch me, you could get wounded..

50. If someone you love cheats on you: I’ll kill.. that’s what I’d say~¤»¤»

51. Song I like to sing most at noraebang (Karaoke) (18¹ø means your specialty): How many years has it been since I’ve stopped even going to a noraebang(-¦®)

52. What you want to do on rainy days: On rainy days, no matter what you do, it’s irritating

53. Current physical condition: Even though I quit smoking, I keep coughing.. Everyone should quit smoking~

54. If you were left behind alone in a deserted island, what 3 things would you take with you: Why don’t you go

55. If you get married, how many kids?: Lightly two~

56. Person you want to see the most right now: Parents..? Ah.. embarrassing

57. Favorite snacks: I should eat my meals properly first

58. Monthly allowance: I get what I need from the ATM¤Ñ I don’t have a credit card¤Ñ¤Ñ

59. Restaurant that you go to often: Having delivery is the most convenient. Ah.. nobleman..

60. What do you mainly do in your free time?: I smack and get smacked by Heebummie. This rascal is too smart for his own good..

61. Do you tend to get dumped? or do the dumping?: Whether you do the dumping or you get dumped, sadness is all the same

62. Reason for your answer to question 61: Frequency.. as if there is something wrong with my personality..?

63. Something you most want to have: A house! Ah.. how did I get so corrupted..

64. If you are reincarnated?: Didn’t I say it before a flower at the edge of a cliff?

65. When you feel that you’ve become an adult: They say I’m too young to love

66. Country you want to visit the most: Never mind a country.. being at home is the most comfortable

67. Your method to evaluate human beings: I don’t have time to evaluate others

68. What kind of proposal is the most awesome: Why don’t you tell me

69. Place you want to go to most with your significant other: My parents’ house in Kangwondo (marriage?¤»¤»)

70. What’s your cellphone bill: The bill goes to my parents’ house so I don’t really know..

71. If you go on vacation, where to: Where there is no one

72. Favorite TV program: If we turn on the air conditioner, the TV doesn’t turn on so I can’t watch

73. If unification (of Korea) happens: Heck.. I don’t know whether it does or it doesn’t..

74. The person you think of when you get rained on: An umbrella seller

75. When do you feel like you are happy: Even though I don’t have love, I have friends and fans with me

76. Most recent movie you saw: µð¿ö (D-War).. every time I flush the toilet, I think about it..¤Ð_¤Ð

77. Movie that made a deep impression: µð¿ö (D-War).. whether or not someone else curses it, if I like it it’s the best

78. What do you think about homosexuals: What do I need to think about it for;;

79. Do you think one can marry someone else for the sake of someone they love: What?

80. First thing you want to do for someone you love: I want to hug them.. *retch*

81. Do you think you have a tendency to cheat: I wish I had a little bit of it..

82. I want to die when it’s like this: Hey nims.. manners..

83. While walking down a street, if you find $10 million: You should take it to the police station^-^ What kind of crazy..

84. When you’re heart hurt the most: A breakup(×îܬ).. and memories(õÚåã)

85. The most indecent man is: Men who think men have enormous privileges

86. The most indecent woman is: Women who think that everything they do is forgivable just because they are women

87. If you became an invisible man: My answer when I was in grade school.. secretly looking into the women’s bath house

88. Name of the alcohol you like the most: Even if you put one alcohol into another bottle, I wouldn’t know..

89. Appetizers you like to eat most with alcohol: Chitterlings. There was even a time when I ate chitterlings four times within the same week..

90. Behavior when angry: Throwing everything that I can get my hands on..^-^ filtering

91. Motto: I’m me, you’re you(there’s been no change in 25 years¤Ñ¤Ñ)

92. When someone you just met asks you for your phone number: Smirk -_-

93. Your nickname: Heenim!! (Half at my insistence, just like Cinderella)

94. First thing you do when you wake up in the morning: First, I open my eyes..

95. Place on your body in which you are most confident: My returning healthy hair~ I used to be Rellastein

96. Do you have a jinx: You want to make me one?

97. The most valuable thing in the world is: Me. If there were no me, everything would be over for me~

98. When you are the happiest: When my cellphone rings

99. When you are the saddest: When I happily answer and they say “Dear customer”………………(-¦®)

100. Last thing I want to say: In the 3 years (since the last 100 Questions and 100 Answers).. I’ve changed so much..

credit to:superjuniorfan@multiply


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