2PM Wins at M!Countdown for ‘I Hate You’ the 2nd Time Around

2pmHot boy group 2PM had their third win for their “I Hate You” promotions yesterday night on M! Countdown.

The superb seven’s “I Hate You” were faced up against SNSD / Girls’ Generation‘s “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” with both groups MIA due to their busy schedules.

When they ended their “Again & Again” promotions to move onto “I Hate You” promotions, many of us thought that it would be the end of their wins, due to the comebacks of many other groups and artists.. But the boys have definitely proved us wrong. While they have been in Thailand the past week, meeting the Prime minister, representing the “I Love Thailand” campaign, and even planting trees, these boys have showed us that they are a group that won’t easily be forgotten.

090709 MCοuηtdοωn 2PM win #1 for ‘I Hate You’


Woah! They win by only 0.6%!! Cool!

Other wins:

090702 MCοuηtdοωn 2PM win #1 for ‘I Hate You’ Interview
090703 Mυsίc βank 2PM win #1 K-Chart for ‘I Hate You’ HD

On a side note, 2PM will finally be taking a long-deserved break from all promotions on the 19th. But don’t be too sad – like how they have mentioned before, the boys will be preparing for their new single / album which will hopefully come out this Fall!

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