2PM Wins Triple Crown for “I Hate You”; Says Goodbye On MCD T___T


With 2PM closing promotions on the 19th, the boys performed their hit song “I Hate You” for the last time on Mnet M! Countdown and grabbed another spectacular No.1!

Yesterday night’s win was not only particularly special because it was their last performance on M! Countdown, but also because it was their triple crown victory for their “I Hate You” promotions, making it their second triple crown! These boys had an extremely successful run this year and have truly lived up to the title, “Hottest time of the day.”

2PM’s “I Hate You” performance.

Performing “Again & Again” and, for the first time on stage, “You Might Come Back”. 2PM’s M! Countdown Goodbye Stage T___T

The win.


In conclusion:

Win for Again & Again (7)
090507 Mcountdown
090510 Mutizen Song
090514 Mcountdown
090517 Mutizen Song
090521 Mcountdown (Triple Crown)
090531 Mutizen Song (Triple Crown)
090612 Music Bank K-Chart Weekly

Win for I hate You (4)
090702 Mcountdown
090703 Music Bank K-Chart Weekly
090709 Mcountdown
090716 Mcountdown (Triple Crown)

SOURCE: rukiddenmeh?!@allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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