BoA Collaborates With Akon

boA Akon collab

It has been made known that Korea’s sweetheart BoA is working hand in hand with world-renowned popstar Akon on a track off his Japanese album titled “Freedom+2”.

Akon’s upcoming album “Freedom+2” will consist of the 13 tracks off his 3rd album “Freedom” which was released in the states on November 2008, but will have an additional track, a remixed version of “Beautiful” featuring BoA.

Akon had specifically requested for Asia’s best, BoA, to participate in his upcoming Japanese album. Akon expressed, “I met BoA for the first time on April 4th at the ‘Spring Groove 09’ concert. If ever in the future I have a chance to perform on stage with BoA again, it would be nice.”

Additionally, BoA expressed, “I was very happy to work together with world popstar Akon. And because I personally like the song “Beautiful”, the recording was enjoyable. In the future, I will work hard to show my good side.”

The album is expected to release on August 5th, so Akon fans and BoA fans, unite and make sure to get a hold of that album!

Akon‘s 3rd album “Freedom” from 2008.

20090715_boaakon_03 20090715_boaakon_02

Nice! I miss BoA perf in Korea but her starting to catch attention in the US is just so cool…BoA Hwaiting!!
Really world-class! ^^

SOURCE: rukiddenmeh?!@allkpop

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