Oguri Shun Endorses SEED’s “plusmix” & “I Seed” Glasses [4pics]

Please don’t bash…I just copied the description >_<
Here are the photos…though I think that Shun could look way better than these photos…I don’t quite like them…
But still…Shun ❤


Glasses manufacturer SEED introduced their 2009 spring and summer new models of the ‘plusmix’ ‘I SEED’ line of glasses featuring Oguri Shun as their official model! Now here’s your chance to download images of two radically different Oguri Shun with glasses!

In Japan glasses are now considered to be great fashion items for men, and a good way for someone to differentiate from others. There’s even a buzzword called ‘megane-danshi (メガネ男子; men in glasses)’ to go with the craze. But nothing beats Oguri Shun with glasses. His great body proportions make him look perfect like an up-and-coming entrepreneur with ‘serious-looking glasses’, and equally good in casual, informal clothes while wearing ‘stylish glasses’!

oguri shun

oguri shun

oguri shun

Source: musicjapanplus.jp

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