2PM’s The Body Shop (Soft Hands, Kind Heart) CF Released!!

2pm the body shop (1)

the body shop (2)

Idol group 2PM‘s CF for The Body Shop‘s Soft Hands, Kind Heart campaign has finally been released. The worldwide campaign calls for the protection of children and teenagers against sex trafficking, and the boys will act as Korea’s spokespeople for the campaign. In the CF, the boys ask viewers to donate to the Soft Hands, Kind Heart fund. The CF will be aired for a month starting August 13, 2009 on Olive TV.

2PM The Body Shop Campaign


The campaign’s logo, a handprint, is supposed to represent one’s voice yelling “No!” to human rights crimes against children and teenagers. The Body Shop stated, “We would like for this campaign to produce a solution and aggressively raise society’s awareness of the crime of raping children and teenagers. We hope that many people will take interest in the campaign and participate not just because 2PM is the advertiser.”

This is so cool! I love how 2pm participates in such good cause campaigns ^^ 2pm fighto!

SOURCE: allkpop.com
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