Badmouthing BoA Isn’t Such A Good Idea *tsk tsk*


It seems another Jessica H.O has surfaced. For those of you unfamiliar with Jessica H.O, she made the grave mistake of bad mouthing BoA during her debut years via myspace. Definitely not a smart move, it pretty much killed her career.

Anyway, Indie Korean-American singer Christina Chung recently tweeted:


Many fans became angry over this. It seems this has caught her attention and she has responded by apologizing on her twitter with this post:

“to all the boa fans, my apologies. my statement was rude and hasty. she is a very talented and successful artist that i do respect.

Wow! Even if it wasn’t BoA (one of the artists who i love) I think that was rude but apology accepted ^^ Definitely not a reason to hate this Christina Chung.

Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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