PREVIEW: 2PM On September 2009 Issue of Cosmopolitan (5pics)

2PM‘s interview on Cosmopolitan’s September 2009 issue was focused on what they thought made up a ‘sexy body’. Known as “beast idols”, 2PM has been enjoying explosive popularity with their second album’s ‘again&again’ and ‘I Hate You’.

2PM said “Even though our album promotions have ended, we have even more in our schedules. Unlike during our first album, we’re hearing a lot more things like ‘They’re sexy’ and ‘They’re manly’.

To the question ‘As a musician, what is your thoughts about the body?’, they replied “Because we are a group that does many performances, our bodies must be flexible and fit. Our leader Jaebum wakes up extra early so that he is able to work out for 3 hours before the day starts.

Leader Jaebeom wasn’t there.

2pm 2pm 2pm 2pm

SOURCE: allkpop
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