Arashi Battles One-on-One With Comedians for “Best Clothes”

Popular group Arashi will showed off their “best clothes” in TBS’s “Himitsu no Arashi-chan! Arashi vs 15nin no Bijo SP” (9:30pm) on August 20.

The theme was “clothes you wear to a goukon,” and they faced off against 5 comedians in one-on-one matches. 5 current AneCan models served as the judges, including Yuri Ebihara (29) and Moe Oshikiri (29).

Kazunari Ninomiya (26) and Kenji Tamura (36) used the concept “clothes you can wear anywhere,” while Sho Sakurai (27) and FUJIWARA’s Toshifumi Fujimoto (38) competed with simple clothes. After his “fierce fighting,” Sakurai was visibly relieved. “I was nervous but it was a learning experience.”

Oshikiri and the other judges exclaimed, “Seeing the 10 styles, our opinions were split, so it was very fresh and interesting.” Out of these “goukon clothes” that were praised by these beautiful women, which one was victorious!?

Note: The term used for “best clothes” is “shoubu fuku,” which refers to clothes you use for important occasions where you need to make a good impression, such as a date or an interview. Some may be more familiar with the similar term “shoubu pantsu” – sometimes translated as “lucky underwear” – which refers to underwear a woman reserves for a special date.

Uhh…no info about Ohno, Aiba, and Jun?? T.T
And how come the age gap…is quite huge. I mean, it’s a battle of fashion…oh well, i guess the oldies competition can still look good :)).

translations credits to migimaru-san
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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