SM Entertainment Submits Crucial Documents For TVXQ’s Case


SM Entertainment has released a statement in regards to crucial evidence that is to be provided, for their current lawsuit with TVXQ. As many of you already know, SM Entertainment and TVXQ had their first hearing on 21st of August.

At 10:20AM KST on August 21st, SME applied for an injunction in rebuttal to providing confidential documents as they should not be released to the public.

SM said, “The process of settlement procedures, materials, and the company’s trade secrets cannot be exposed to the media, as they would be fatal for the company.”

The courts have however stated that the confidential information will be safe, and that they will only be reviewed by specific individuals and not released to the public.

SM Entertainment will have to submit all documents by September 11th, 2009. And with the release of these documents, TVXQ’s payment settlement issues may be resolved.

SOURCE: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp


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