2NE1 Wins the 4th Time for ‘I Don’t Care’ on M!Countdown 082709

Another week, another award? 2NE1 claims another award for their summer hit song, I Don’t Care on M! Countdown once again.

Despite the enforced 1-week break due to all music shows being cancelled last week, it didn’t really affect 2NE1’s position or their song’s popularity on the charts as shown on the 27th August episode of M! Countdown. This was their 4th win for I Don’t Care, further strengthening the girls’ position as the top rookie of 2009, and edging out Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra again for Song of the Month.


Win + Encore:

Dara was missing at the end while the award was given out and the encore. Netizens deduced that she left for CF filming with Lee Minho for Cass Beer.

vid cr: yuriyuri1111@YT

Yeah!2NE1 fighting!^^

Shared by: parkminnie.wordpress.com


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