G-Dragon Wins K-Chart at Music Bank Even Before Debut Solo Live Perf!082809


After all the hurtful accusations on plagiarisms, etc. Big Bang’s very own leader G-Dragon’s solo “Heartbreaker” emerged as winner on Music Bank. This is his first solo award and he won it even before he makes his official  solo perf comeback (it’s not comeback since he has not have a solo album promotion yet >_< my bad) on Inkigayo.

What’s awesome is there were two categories where GD gained no points but freaking gap is still huge. Gaaaah!!!!Kyaaaaa!!!I’m really excited for his live perf!!!
The total points gd had was like twice the scores of the opponents (separate scores, i mean). Cool! G-Dragon fighting!!

music bank gd winBreakdown of the new K-Chart ranking system (many thanks to stellarremnants).

Digital Chart Rankings (e.g. melon, cyworld etc)
Popularity vote (email poll of 2,000 random people)
Disk sales volume
Frequency of broadcast
Total points

The Winner is G-Dragon(Big Bang)(Aug 28, 2009)


G-Dragon will perform his solo album tracks for the very first time, on the August 30th episode of SBS Inkigayo. Will certainly look forward to that!*excited*

I wonder what will be his concept and how he’ll do it. I’m sure it will be the bomb! Aaaaahhh!!!! really really can’t wait!!

Never got this excited…it’s gd’s charisma ^^


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