just want to tell everyone that i’ll be uploading Kim Jeong Hoon’s 1st mini-album, f(x)’s LA cha TA single, Big Bang’s ASIA BEST, Arashi’s Everything Single and their 7th album Time, and i’ll be filling up NEWS discography (it’s sad that it’s rated low just because it has basically nothing…i mean okay it’s my fault but hey, i have other things to do and i can’t fill up everything…

i’ll be updating lyrics as well on the recently released songs (f(x) la cha ta, muzik, kim jeong hoon’s, etc.) and for gd’s album ^^

the oricon page will be abandoned. i don’t know if i can/would still revive it.

maybe tomorrow. good night everyone ^^

I’ve been pondering on revealing me. I mean breaking the barrier that hides me behind MinnieChun. Although I am scared of what the people i know may think if they knew that I am Minniechun…What do you think? T__T

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