Tablo and Kang HyeJung Marries; HyeJung 5 Weeks Pregnant

Tablo & Kang HyeJung

Ahead of her wedding with Tablo in October, Kang HyeJung is also happily waiting for her 2nd generation.

After their 1 year love relationship, Tablo and Kang HyeJung will be tying the knots coming October. And it is double happiness with the news that Kang HyeJung is 5 weeks pregnant.

Kang HyeJung’s company said on the 5th, “It is true that Kang HyeJung is 5 weeks pregnant. She is happy with the news. She will be focusing on her upcoming movie which started filming from August and then comes October she will prepare for her wedding and pregnancy. After the wedding, she will be taking some time off from celebrity activities. But after giving birth, she will be back again.”

Tablo also revealed on the 5th, “I will reveal 2 pieces of news which are like a dream to me. I will be marrying HyeJung, whom I’ve fallen in love with at first sight this Autumn. And also for us, we will be welcoming a pretty baby next mid-year, I’ll be a father. We have plans to get married next year but with this piece of good news recently, we’ve decided to do it early.”

He also talks about what this marriage means, “Beginning of this year, I’ve set up a company with my colleagues, and I’ve faced with many difficulties. Both with work and personal matters. But HyeJung has also been my support. She herself has also a heavy work load and it is already not easy for her, but she will take care of me and my collegues everyday till late to give us support. I will never forget how thankful I am to the girl who gives me so much support, and I feel so happy now.”

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Tablo honey, even if you just broke my heart right there…i guess all i could ever do is be happy for you T_T
Have a beautiful, loving, and happy family ^^

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