Triple Crown Victory at Music Bank for G-Dragon…Yay!


G-Dragon reaches his winning-limit as he received his third win on Music Bank on the 11th of September. Winning a Triple Crown Victory with an astounding 19,000 pts! Having an almost 3x score gap with his competitors Brown Eyed Girls & Baek Ji Young…Go go gd! ^^


Breakdown of the new K-Chart ranking system (many thanks to stellarremnants).

Digital Chart Rankings (e.g. melon, cyworld etc)
Popularity vote (email poll of 2,000 random people)
Disk sales volume
Frequency of broadcast
Total points

In the waiting room+perf+winning No.1:

Waaaaahhh!!!! He is so so so cute while in the waiting room! haha…really catches my heart with everything he does *dies*

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