Leadersshi Park Jaebeom Please Come Back!T.T

The press prays for whichever headline’s worst

(from FOB’s “You’re Crashing but you’re no Wave”)

~we are all witnesses~

jay gone to america

I haven’t had any post about Jae’s being gone. It hurts so much. Maybe that’s why I don’t update on 2pm recently. I miss him. Just for a thing of the past Netizens pushed him to do such terrible thing as to go back to Seattle and leave our beloved 2pm T.T So what about the controversies? He’s moved on and haven’t done anything bad since then. I love this guy no matter what and I hate all those people who seek anything (esp. sanything bad) just to have somthing to babble about. Curse you!



Jaebeom I really miss you…all hottests do…please come back!

2PM is not without one member missing

Esp. Jae who is much loved T_T


  1. #1 by yeji on October 6, 2009 - 9:48 pm

    Please come back.
    We miss you.
    I hope that while you are still at Seattle that you will rest a lot and that you will come back soon. Come back in the future we miss you. 2pm is nothing without you. 2pm miss you alot. Leaderja please come back. nobody will take your leaderja. Please come back.
    2pm miss you.
    Fans miss you.
    I love you Park Jaebeom.
    2pm love you.

  2. #2 by 2PMfreak on February 28, 2010 - 11:19 am

    Jay, come on ..
    everyone miss you a lot, why are you gone ?
    and when will you come back ? everyone is
    curious, please come back to your home and to
    your real friends cuz 2PM is really nothing
    without you, you’re the leader and you will
    be that for ever, nobody can change it ..
    we’ll love you forever, not only korean or
    asian fans, but also in Belgium everyone loves
    you a lot, come back ..

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