South Korean HS boys’ Human LCD…Step Up Cheering!!

Well there is no DBSK or Super Junior in this post, though I wanted to share this…It’s so friggin’ awesome!

SOUTH KOREA : High school students cheering for their soccer teams.
The most amazing thing is that they do this with their CLOTHES (not holding up cards). they have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside.

Human LCD


Human LCD : Close Up Video


I found the second vid more awesome than the first but then again…there won’t be a second if there wasn’t a first :P.

Talk about stepping up the traditional cheering of screaming different chants for a certain team or whatever there is to cheer…or even the usual Human LCD using colored cards…this is really awesome! So much time and effort, I guess (and most probably), just to come up with a single word “human lcd style” but gosh…a complicated routine?! Even excellent cheerleaders seem to suck with these guys…lol.

*really amazed* ONION - cheer pompom(–>cute cheerleader but still sucks~rofl)

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