Hottests’ Love for Jae Reaches the Sky…Literally!


It’s almost nearing a month since Jay Park/Jaebeom, stepped down from the throne as the leader of 2PM. With the group’s new style and powerful comeback, it seemed like there was nowhere else to go but up. However, when one crazy netizen pulled an old skeleton out of Jay’s closet, the leader resigned, packed up his bags, and booked the next flight to Seattle.

Since then, Hottests and many other fans have expressed that they want their old leader back. There have been boycotts, product returns, flash mobs, defacement of property and even the cancellation of an overseas trip. And just when you thought the fans couldn’t top themselves, they take their love and loyalty to new heights – literally.



It’s been known that Jay has been very down since the scandal hit and the fans want to pick him back up. And since 2PM was headed up, that’s where the fans are headed as well with their next project in operation: “Convince Jaebeom to Return to Korea and Resume His Role as 2PM’s Leader”.

On Monday, September 28, 2009 at 2PM, the Hottests had  an air message fly over Seattle, Jaebeom’s home town and current location, to show him their love. This is no easy feat – the founders & participants of this project have been hard at work to hit the $2000 mark to cover costs.

Now, some of you may be wondering what would happen if Jaebeom totally missed the banner – after all, the likelihood of suddenly staring up at the sky at this specific moment in time is quite unlikely. However, the organizers of this project have allegedly contacted Jaebeom through contacting his brother (Jaehan) and a friend who has contact with a member of Jaebeom’s dance crew. Other than these two events, numerous emails have been sent to bring awareness of this project to the idol himself.


Earlier, someone from Jaebeom’s church sent out a message to the fans to send all gifts to his church and provided everyone with the address. Since then the church has been flooded with thousands of letters and gifts; on the church’s homepage, a message reads, “There are many people who were curious about it. Very thankful. This had given strength and bravery. Jaebeom has revealed that he will live in the love and sincerity that everyone has showered on him.

SOURCE: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie

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