Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN) Random Beatbox Cuts

I love this guy. He is Amazing!

Nakamaru’s beat box KAT TUN QoP Live


This is one my best among all the videos i watched stalking him. =))

Maru – “the king of human beat box”


A collective video. The first is Violin with Hiromi Goto (plays Canon). Then piano with Ishigaki Daisuke of FIVE. With Koki. Then both Hiromi and Ishigaki. Love the last part! And the way he makes the sound of a car. So effin’  realistic

Cartoon KAT-TUN: Ep. 56: Masi Oka & Nakamaru Yuichi Beatbox


This is awesome! The guest Masi Oka is awesome. I read that “His IQ was 180 when he was a kid, he beatboxes, he acts, he impersonates, he speaks 3 different languages, etc. etc.” like wow!

Maru saying “YATTA!” at 0:25 is cutely funny. LOL

Maru.koki.rag fair Beat box


Love this as well. The fact that it is on-the-spot. The three of them at the end just sounded so good…

SUGOI ne? he’s not the best but he is still awesome ^^

Stalking Nakamaru-san paused for now. I have to sleep. Goodnight!^^

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