2pm Performs “Again & Again” at 2009 Dream Concert


The once 7-member idol group 2PM performed together without their leader for the first time at the 2009 Dream Concert on the 10th. Due to the controversial issue of Jaebeom’s MySpace comments that has still have a lingering effect on the nation, their performance will not be aired on tv. (–>wth?!)

Fortunately, fancams have sprouted up on YouTube, enabling international Hottests to witness the performance for themselves. (–>LOL, the power of YT! awesome…)


Instead of having another member replace Jaebeom’s singing parts or cutting them out altogether, the audio was left alone. So sad, huh?


major goosebumps…

It’s amazing that 40,000 people showed their support for Jaebeom by chanting his name in unison throughout the song. Those are people from different fandoms (elfs, vips, shineers, kamilias, etc.) coming together and supporting Jaebeom and Hottests. Everyone wants you back Jae 😥


Of the many banners made for 2PM and their leader, there was one, in particular, that glowed (literally). It read, “We are waiting for our Leadja Park Jaebeom” and was the only visible banner in the dark.

Hottests showing support for Jaebeom…awesome! I think it is showing support for 2pm, as a group, when we show our support for Jay. Let’s continue to shower love to our boys – boycott is a no-no. I think it will be more effective if fans continue to support (by going to their perfs) and show their love & missing for leadersshi jaebeom ^^. 2pm fighting!!

Credit: allkpop
Shared by: parkminnie@wp

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