MV Collection I [SHINee, Taeyang, Wheesung, JQT, 4Tomorrow, Secret]

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MV Downloads in this post:

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong MV
Taeyang – Where U At MV
Wheesung – Trickling MV
JQT – I Fell for You MV
4Tomorrow – TomorrowMV
Secret- I Want You Back MV

SHInee Ring ding dong Official MV


Download MV

so so so hot! a different “fantastic” SHINee! OMFG! this is just so hot…reinventing themselves and overcoming the past hot SHINee songs. SM is genius. SHINee is genius. SHINee is purely L-O-V-E. Key is my hottest member for this one. They are all hot and i am completely spazzing over every bit of the mv…must download ^^

@1:24 – looks like our Onew wants a bit of Minho…oooh!
@1:47 – how fake the butterfly looks ~ lol

i love the water idea. the splashing when they are dancing is cool. although i am thinking it would have been better if there was a bit of a drizzle? haha. whatever. it’s cool.

Taeyang – Where U At Official MV


Download MV

My hubby in Big Bang. Yes, I love him more than i love gd. LOL. A lot of good things coming huh? This gets interesting. Who’ll be winning on MuBank, inki & mnet? oooh…watch out for that.

Gosh. It’s weird. After i (downloaded) and watched the video…all the spazzing from SHINee’s MV were gone >_<. Does Taeyang really have such effects? All I want is to watch him dancing and hear him singing. Simply stare at him (and i must say he has a bigger build than the past. been going to gym hubby?). Really beautifully weird feeling over this MV.

Is there a preview of a next song in the end? GD style?

Wheesung – Trickling Official MV


Download MV

JQT – I Fell for You Official MV


Download MV

4Tomorrow – Tomorrow Official MV


Download MV

4Tomorrow is  GaIn(Brown Eyed Girls),  SeungYeon(Kara),  Uee(After School), HyunAh(4MINUTE)

This is cool!

Secret- I Want You Back Official MV


Download MV


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