Buzzer Beat Scoops Multiple Drama Awards; Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Defeats SMAP Members To Win Best Actor

With the new season well on its way, it’s time to announce the results from last season’s dramas.
Fuji TV’s Getsu 9 drama ‘Buzzer Beat’, starring Yamashita Tomohisa and Kitagawa Keiko took in numerous awards, including the Best Drama Award from Nikkan Sports’ 13th Summer Drama Grand Prix and The Television Magazine’s 62th Drama Academy. After his bout of public indecency earlier in the year, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi seemed to have redeemed himself with ‘Ninkyo Helper’. He beat out fellow SMAP member Kimura Takuya and Katori Shingo to win the Best Actor award.

‘Buzzer Beat’ won four awards from Nikkan Sports’ 13th Drama Grand Prix, including Best Drama, Best Actor and Actress Awards for Yamashita and Kitagawa and Best Supporting Actress for Kanjiya Shihori. In second and third place for the Best Drama category were ‘Orthros no Inu’ starring Nishikido Ryo and ‘Ninkyo Helper’ starring Kusanagi. All three dramas had artistes from Johnny’s Entertainment.

Although Yamashita and Kitagawa were not favoured by the judges for the 62th Drama Academy, their drama ‘Buzzer Beat’ snatched the Best Drama Award. It garnered another win for Fuji TV in the Getsu 9 drama slot. Their last win for a Getsu 9 was two years ago for the drama ‘Galileo’. The cast and crew of ‘Buzzer Beat’ should also feel proud for winning the Best Screenplay and Best Themesong Awards.

Kusanagi made a surprising comback to beat Yamashita for the Best Actor title. While fellow SMAP members Kimura and Katori both had dramas airing last season (‘Mr. Brain’ for Kimura and ‘Kochikame’ for Katori), it seems like their chances at winning were not meant to be this time around. Kimura placed third in the Best Actor category, while ‘Mr. Brain’ranked third in the reader’s poll for Best Drama, but only reached fifth place when voted by journalists and jury members. ‘Kochikame’ did not even make it in the top five.

The Best Actress Award went to Matsushima Nanako for ‘Kyumei Byoto 24 Ji 4′, while the Best Supporting Actor Award went to Sakai Masato for ‘Kanryotachi no Natsu’.

The most surprising win was for Kuroki Meisa in the Best Supporting Actress category for the drama ‘Ninkyo Helper’, while Kitagawa was bumped to third place.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: sparkles_n15

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