Megamasso & 12012 To Release Singles On 2010

Visual rock trio Megamasso has announced the release of their second major single, MEMORIES, for January 27th 2010.

Megamasso debuted as a major band with the single chimes in October, after signing a contract with major label Avex. A special tour to commemorate the major debut is currently taking place in Japan and is scheduled to finish with a concert at Akasaka BLITZ on the 27th of this month.

MEMORIES will be released in three versions, all including both the title track and the b-side sweet change. Although further details about the specific content of each edition is currently unavailable, it has already been revealed that the regular version will come with a third track named “Cunctator ranbu.”

Meanwhile, visual kei rock group 12012 has also announced the release of their first single for 2010.

will be released on February 24th and will be the group’s first release since Usubeni to ame, which was released in October. Besides the title song, the single will also feature the b-side Silhouette.

The CD will be available in three versions: a CD-only edition, including the instrumental counterpart of TATTOO, and two other versions, both limited. The type A will come with a DVD featuring the music video of TATTOO, while the type B will include an additional third track, titled Heavenly, on the CD.

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