KAT-TUN Kamenashi Talks About Backstage of Best Artist 2009

‘Best Artist 2009’, a gorgeous singing program summarizing the most active artists of the year, was aired a few days ago. KAT-TUN and ‘Shuji and Akira/修二と彰’ performed in the program and it seemed some secret episodes happened…


‘I attended Best Artist 2009 a few days ago! Shuji-kun (referring to himself as Shuji in drama series “Nobuta wo Produce”) sang a song! When Akira-kun (Yamapi in Nobuta…) and I mistaken the timing of the turn, and got ready to end the song, ♪music began again ♪the music started (tears). We are good amigo (friends) but sorry!!!’

When Kamenashi went to the stage again as a member of KAT-TUN, as he said;

‘Kamenashi-kun and Taguchi Junnosuke-kun are supposed to do a Michael (Jackson)’s pose at the end of the song! But I am betrayed!! Taguchi Junnosuke-kun didn’t do that! I was shocked!!!!!! We did a rehearsal and meeting under the supervision of directors, Ueda Tatsuya and Nakamaru Yuichi! Well, it’s OK. Takuchi Junnosuke-kun must not know Michael Jackson very well (laugh) It should be. It must be like this! (laugh)!!’

This is the story.Their performance on the stage are quite interesting, but how they rehearsed and discussed in the dressing room is more fascinating.

After the performance on best artist, Kamenashi was in the snow from morning because of the filming of ‘The Wallflower/ヤマトナデシコ七変化, Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge’. The drama, adapted from the same name comic, will be aired from January. “This time I ‘m in a good team and the process of filming is quite pleasing!” said by him.


i didn’t really understand but Taguchi was really handsome in the video! O.O (don’t like his clothes though)
Nakamaru reminded me of Steve from Blue’s Clues, haha…(i still love you ^^). So cute @0:25-25
Koyama seems to talk very fast and animated. cute ^^ (best-looking for NEWS here)
Sho is looking good 🙂 I’ll watch out for that live action of Yamato Nadeshiko =D
Ryo!!! ♥.♥ He doesn’t look so good but Ryo i still love…
♥ Kame and Yamapi ~ Seishun Amigo ♥

Missing NEWS and KAT-TUN.

Source: musicjapanplus.jp
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