Sho Sakurai & Horikita Maki to Lead in Drama Series “Tokujo Kabachi /特上カバチ”

Arashi’s member Sakurai Sho (27) and actress Korikita Maki (21) will play the lead roles in the drama ‘Tokujo Kabachi /特上カバチ!!’, which will be aired from Jan.17th 2010. The drama is based on the sequel to the manga “Kabachitare!,” which was turned into a drama series in 2001.


Sakurai plays Katsuhiro Tamura, a young man with a strong sense of justice. Although he believes that the law isn’t always right, he becomes an administrative scrivener with the goal of manipulating the law in order to protect the weak.

On the other hand, Horikita plays Misuzu Sumiyoshi, a former delinquent who hates to lose and who is now a capable scrivener. Katsuhiro and Misuzu are always at odds, but they gradually come to understand each other.

The supporting cast includes Masatoshi Nakamura, Kenichi Endo, Katsumi Takahashi, and Yuko Asano. TBS will air the drama on Sundays at 9:00pm, starting on January 17.

It is also reported that the drama plans to try out a new incentive for viewers: ‘the real-time phone call from the actors/actresses’ a quiz question will be asked during the show, and a winner chosen from the viewers who submit the correct answer can talk with the actors/actresses in real time while they are watching the drama.

No news yet if Arashi is to cover the OST of the drama.

SOURCES: tokyograph & musicjapanplus
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