GD Cries During ‘Heartbreaker’ Perf on 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun

Big Bang GDragon’s tears flowing down his cheek during his performance has roused much curiosity amongst netizens.

During his performance of ‘Heartbreaker’ on 29th December for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, he was seen in tears when performing, and had many fans and viewers curious and surprised.

With that, many fans and netizens have attributed that to the plagiarism issues brought up against him for his 1st solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ in August, and then all the criticisms against him once more for some scenes said to be inappropriate for youths during his 1st solo concert recently.

Some fans also went up to GDragon’s me2day page and wrote messages like “Close your 2 eyes and block your 2 ears, we will protect you”, “It hurts my heart to see you in tears. Please don’t cry. Have strength” etc.


I think it could only be two things. Memories rushing to his head that could either have been really overwhelming or really sad. By overwhelming, I meant all the success he has achieved solo with his “Heartbreaker” album and all those mutizens he got, etc. Overwhelmed by the great support of all his fans. OR the sad part (which many may be inclined to think) pertaining to the plagiarism issues on his songs (and maybe on the taunting of Epik High which was really sad). Whatever the reasons, I say it was okay to be emotional but I hope he doesn’t cry anymore. Many VIPs love you ^^.



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