SHINee Highlights on 2009 KBS Music Festival

Compilation of SHINee cuts on 2009 KBS Music Festival. Whew! Quite laborious but for SHINee, i’d do anything! (blech >_< so dramatic, LOL). I really like their perfs, Enjoy them too ^^.

  • [Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] SHINee – ‘Just Dance’ (of Lady Gaga)

more after cut

Key undoubtedly has smooth english ^^. They all look good here.

  • [Special Stage I – ‘In The Club’] All Star dancing to popular dances of 2009
  • [Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] SHINee’s Jonghyun + Kim TaeWoo + Kim GunMo – ‘Beat It’

OMG! (as always) great vocals Jonghyun honey ♥.! But, dang…this one’s really amazing. Jonghyun fighting! 🙂

  • [Special Stage IV – MJ Tribute] Super Junior + SNSD + SHINee– ‘Smooth Criminal’
  • SHINee – Ring Ding Dong


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