Vacation Over. See you Guys Later.

[blech!] vacation’s over for me and i have to attend classes later (3hours from to hell). Again, I’ll have to pause from this site and understanding is much appreciated.

I’m currently working on F.T. Island then Wilber Pan. I guess it will take longer than expected.

I discovered imma have summer classes as wel. So my summer vacation would be cut down to a month instead of 2 (1st two weeks of April and last 2 weeks of May) then comes 2nd year of College days -_____-

Love vacations. Why do they have to end? T.T

Listening to Slapshock (a Filipino rock/metalcore band) *thumbs up*

Happy new year to ya’ll! See you guys later. Watch out and I’ll be back in no time 😉

Always by you and for you, Minniechun

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