2NE1’s Try to Copy Me is Hot! [mp3DL+5pics]

Here comes another signature “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh” song of 2NE1!!!

Yesterday, I posted the mp3 link of 2NE1’s surprising digital single “try to copy me” at the downloads page [of course under 2NE1 :D]. This new song is really cool. AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MV! I mean, can you imagine how they will do the video? what concept? the concept  photos for the single were “girly-cool” but how the hell woold they do an mv? soo anticipating it :). I hope they do an MV for this song. I think it would really be a challenge to do one for this cool & unique song (at least for me…haha, don’t know about the geniuses of the YG)


Listen to the song then download 2NE1 song HERE and the Male version HERE

2NE1 – try to copy me

Try to Copy Me [MALE version]

Hmm…i actually think the male version is cooler by a bit than 2NE1’s…idk…but then 2NE1 chics made it really awesome too 🙂 so much angst and that makes it even better. Really awesome-er by a mile than other girl groups 😀

God, they can be cool at anything they do O.O

credits: moraynnie3@YT; lLadyMusik@YT; parkminnie.wp.com

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