Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno Plays Kaibutsu-kun

Satoshi Ohno of Arashi attended the press conference of “Kaibutsu Kun (lit. Little monster)” on April 11. This is the first time for this manga of Fujiko Fujio A to be played by real person. It’s a story about the prince of the monster land, “Kaibutsu Kun” and his friends, Dracula, Wolfman, and Franken, come to the human world, encounter with Hiroshi and his sister Utako, and start to be aware of “What a king should be.”

As in the original work, Ohno who plays Kaibutsu-kun appears with a blue-red cap, “I was worried about my age at the beginning. I am about 30.” said Ohno with a wry smile, “But, after starting the shoot, I gradually feel at home. In this appearance, I feel rejuvenated. My hair is dyed into brown as well after two year absence.”

The theme song “Yukaitsu-Kaibutsukun” of the anime version which is famous for the phrase “Ka-I, Kaikai♪” is used as the BGM and is solo sang by Ohno. “I know the song before. However, I am surprised to be no.3. They told me to ‘sing as yourself.’ So I sang it merrily.”

The theme song is “Monster”, the new song by Arashi, and the single will release on May 19. “Yukaitsu-Kaibutsukun” will also be recorded into CD later. “All members suit Kaibutsu-kun’s image. Choreography is full of mysterious feeling as well. But Aiba-chan struggled to memorize it.” Ohno said happily.

The original author Fujiko commented: “I have watched the drama and I appreciate that all characters fit perfectly.” As to the Kaibutsu-kun played by Ohno, “Surprisingly I almost cried. Even I drew the story, it is much better than expected.”



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